Our students can access the Internet in order to participate in activities that support learning and teaching. Students are only permitted to access information on the Internet deemed appropriate for educational use and users must abide by the Internet Access Policy. This policy (link to PDF) details the conditions under which the Internet may be accessed at Karratha Senior High School.

Download Internet Policy

Mobile Phones
Mobile phones are not permitted to be used by students at Karratha Senior High School.  This has been outlined clearly to parents/caregivers and students through newsletters and assemblies.  Parents/caregivers must ring the school for important messages to be delivered to students.

If a student is using a mobile phone at school there is a specific process to be followed:

  • Student to hand over phone
  • Phone is placed in designated envelope and labelled
  • Teacher to contact parent/caregiver to collect phone at next convenience
  • While it is expected that this procedure will be followed at all times there will be occasions where further steps will be required. 

Uniform Dress Code
Karratha Senior High School has a prescribed dress code (link to PDF) that is compulsory. The school uniform is only available from Karratha Senior High School. No denim is permitted. Navy blue shirts are for Yrs 8 - 10 and white shirts for Yrs 11 - 12. Please contact the school if you have any queries regarding the uniform.

Download Uniform Dress Code Policy 

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