Goals for Girls

Goals 4 Girls at Karratha Senior High School is a program that uses physical activity as the vehicle to provide girls the opportunity to develop their life skills.  The program began in earnest in 2013 with Year 8 and 9 girls, building on a trial that took place in Semester 2 2012.  Girls accepted into the program will range from Years 7 to 12 by the start of 2016.

The Goals 4 Girls program will immerse the selected girls in an environment that is built upon contemporary practice of working in collaboration to develop knowledge and understanding about health and lifestyle issues.  Girls will develop positive attitudes and values associated with leading a healthy lifestyle, equipping them to make personally and socially responsible decisions.  This will enhance the quality and potential of their own and other people’s lives.

The program will provide ongoing learning experiences for the girls, enabling them to develop self-management skills for their own benefit and for the benefit of the communities in which they live and work.  In developing these skills, the girls will set and achieve personal goals; plan, implement and evaluate decisions; develop self esteem; and manage their own emotional being so that they are able to cope with change and conflict.  These self management skills underpin a healthy and active lifestyle and form an integral part of the program.

The development of effective interpersonal skills through the program will enable the girls to participate in meaningful and fulfilling relationships in their family, at school, in recreation and in community activities.  This program will provide a range of different learning contexts that will allow the girls the opportunity to learn through the practical activities that form an important part of the program.

Special Projects

An integral part of the Goals 4 Girls program will be the relationship between the school and community based programs in the City of Karratha that will provide the expertise that ensures the breadth and depth of learning for the girls can occur.  This includes business and industry interests that will benefit the girls in their learning and aspirations.


The girls will attend an annual camp which will allow them the additional opportunity to work together and share time to collectively demonstrate the skills they have learned and developed.


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