Welcome to Karratha Senior High School

Karratha Senior High School is a public school for students from Years 7 to 12. We pride ourselves on our quality academic, cultural and sporting performances. Our students are confident learners and leaders who understand commitment leads to success.

The school has developed a strong local reputation for over 45 years and this reputation continues to grow.  We are producing responsible, engaged, compassionate young people who graduate to become contributing members of our society.

Karratha Senior High School educates students from across the Pilbara community with students from as far away as Point Samson, Dampier, Roebourne and Wickham.

The school works hard with individual students to achieve academic excellence. We also have talented and dedicated staff who lead the school in music, drama, art, sport and outdoor education. We are renowned for our excellent vocational education and training programs and for ensuring our graduates are career ready.

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Achieving Academic success

 “Karratha Senior High School is proud of its ability to achieve academic excellence as well as opportunity for all through its co-curricular programs. We provide our students with the chance to become confident learners, skilled leaders and responsible citizens.

Mr Ashley Eversden Principal 

Moral Purpose: We strive to shape futures, by developing the potential of every student and empower them to make positive choices in their lives, as contributing citizens.

Our Vision:  At Karratha SHS every student can embrace opportunities, overcome adversity, and contribute positively to society.

Our Mission:  As a school, we offer our community a broad range of educational opportunities which reflect the social, academic, and vocational needs and aspiration for every student. We want every student to achieve, experience success and access the pathway that helps them fulfil their aspirations.  

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