Our students can access the Internet in order to participate in activities that support learning and teaching. Students are only permitted to access information on the Internet deemed appropriate for educational use and users must abide by the Internet Access Policy. This policy details the conditions under which the Internet may be accessed at Karratha Senior High School.

Mobile Phones

At Karratha Senior High School, we have mobile phones and headphones off and away all day, between 8.20am and 2.30pm. This has been outlined clearly to parents/caregivers and students.  Parents/caregivers must ring the school for important messages to be delivered to students.

If a student has a mobile phone or headphones visible outside of the times above, the procedure outlined in the policy below will be followed: 

Mobile Phone Policy Karratha Senior High School

Department of Education Mobile Phone Policy

Uniform Dress Code

Karratha Senior High School has a prescribed dress code that is compulsory. The school uniform is only available from Karratha Senior High School. Navy blue and red school polo shirts are for Years 7 – 10 and navy blue and white school polo shirts for Years 11 & 12.  School navy shorts, closed in shoes and jacket/jumper. 

More information can be found here:


Senior School Lockers Year 11 and 12

Karratha Senior High School has a limited number of student lockers available for Year 11 and 12 students.  Lockers will be allocated based on information provided on the application form.  Please make yourself familiar with the Karratha SHS Locker Policies and Procedures document before committing to applying for a locker.

Behaviour Management Policy


Student Assessment Policy