Student Uniform

Our school uniform instils a sense of unity, builds on the school spirit and enhances school pride. It also upholds the fact that individuality and self-expression do not lie in designer clothes but within each individual.

At Karratha Senior High School we have a compulsory school uniform and dress standard.
Students, who due to religious or financial reasons, are unable to wear the full school uniform, must gain an exemption in writing through their Student Wellbeing Manager at the beginning of each term.

Uniform Dress Code – Compulsory

  1. Students in Years 7, 8, 9 & 10 wear blue and red polo shirts with the school motif. Year 11 and 12 students wear the equivalent white shirts. The school jacket, or a Country Week top may be worn in winter.
  2. Students are to wear the official navy blue shorts or navy blue pants which are only available at the High School.
  3. For health reasons, students are encouraged to wear caps/hats when outdoors.
  4. For health and safety reasons, students must wear closed-in shoes.
  5. Students require a Faction Shirt for all Physical Education classes.
  6. T- shirts under the school uniform are not accepted.


Students attending school excursions must wear full uniform unless otherwise instructed.

Uniform Shop Information
Uniforms are available from the front office during business hours.

Items Available:

  • Polo Shirts Dark Blue and Red/Blue and White Sizes 10 – 30 $20.00
  • Blue Shorts – Sizes 10 – 30 $20.00
  • Blue Track Pants Sizes – 10 – 30 $20.00
  • Blue Jackets Sizes 10 – 24 $35.00
  • School Faction Shirts Sizes 10 – 24 $30.00