Student Wellbeing

Our school provides a range of services that combined aim to look after the best interests of students so that they can reach their full potential at school.

Wellbeing Coordinators

There is a Wellbeing Coordinator attached to two year groups and their role is to help mediate and support students with any issues they may have with their education and or social/emotional wellbeing. Teachers and parents can make referrals to the Wellbeing Coordinator, so that support can be provided on an individual basis for a student’s wellbeing.

Year Coordinators

When students feel that they belong and are part of a school they are more likely to commit, attend and achieve success.  Karratha Senior High School has over 1200 students who all have social, physical and mental/emotional needs.  We are focussing on making students feel welcome at school.  Year Coordinators will play an important part in the provision of support and care for students at Karratha Senior High School for a specific cohort. In particular, they have a pivotal role in promoting the value of Care, and the school’s Towards Tomorrow motto. A significant focus for Year Co-ordinators is support for the provision of a school setting which is characterised by a positive atmosphere, development of resilience and engagement in learning as well as the promotion of academic success.

Aboriginal and Islander Education Officers (AIEOs)

Available to Aboriginal and Islander students, the AIEOs provide one on one or small group work support aimed at encouraging and enhancing their learning opportunities in the classroom. AIEOs liaise between teachers and the parents of Aboriginal and Islander students with issues regarding their education including attendance and behavioural concerns. The AIEOs promote community initiatives such as NAIDOC week, Parent Community Board and participate in school excursions.

School Psychologist

The School Psychologist is available to help students get the most out of their schooling and can provide advice and assistance on a range of issues, including learning and social/behavioural matters, attendance and personal concerns. Appointments can be made through the Wellbeing Coordinators.


Chaplains provide social, emotional and spiritual support to school communities. They are in the prevention and support business; helping students find a better way to deal with life issues. They provide a listening ear and a caring presence in the school, available for all students, staff and families.

Student Council

The Student Council’s role is to represent all students, which will assist staff to improve student welfare. The Student Council comprises of six Year 12 students and six Year 11 students. The Student Council are involved in fundraising, social functions and assemblies.

Parent interviews are welcome with teachers and members of the Wellbeing team.

Remember to contact Student Wellbeing to keep your emergency contact details up to date on 9182 6900.