SIDE (School of Isolated and Distance Education)

At Karratha Senior High School, students are offered alternate learning online via School of Isolated & Distance Education Students, SIDE.

SIDE delivers live lessons via Webex and online studies to students wishing to study courses either not offered by KSHS or not fitting their timetable. ATAR, General, some VET and Certificate courses are offered.

SIDE maintains strong links with parents, schools and their communities. In Years 11-12 there is a strong focus on increasing independence by students and partnerships between SIDE and the students’ supervisors.

SIDE students are supervised at Karratha Senior High School within their own learning area.

For more information view the SIDE website:

GATE (Gifted and Talented Education)

Our gifted and talented students who wish to participate in a Gifted and Talented Academic, Arts or Languages program have access to the Selective Academic Program Online.

Using computer links and innovative technology, your child can access the program without moving to Perth. Each online program is managed by a coordinator from the school offering the program. Applications are competitive.

For more information view the Department of Education website: