Learning Support

Inclusive Learning Unit

Students with disabilities are supported in a number of ways across Karratha Senior High School. On enrolment each student’s individual capabilities are examined to find the best placement for them; mainstream classes or the Inclusive Learning Unit (ILU).

Karratha SHS is an inclusive school, students who have a disability often attend all mainstream classes. We support these students with the support of an Education Assistant and a Special Educational Needs (SEN) plan which is created by the staff who work with the students. SEN plans are individualised, consisting of goals and strategies used to achieve the goals. Adjustments are made by the classroom teacher in class to support the student’s needs for participation, curriculum access and assessment.

The Inclusive Learning Unit (ILU) is set up for students who have difficulties accessing the mainstream curriculum. The ILU has three classrooms which run an alternative program for students with varying disabilities. Teaching and learning is highly individualised to address the needs of each student.  Each class has a classroom teacher who teaches English, Mathematics, HASS, Science and Health; the students attend mainstream electives with the support of an Education Assistant. Students in Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 engage in Direct and Explicit Instruction programs to increase they reading & writing abilities as well has highly structured lessons for other subjects. Students in Year 11 and 12 complete Preliminary English, Maths and Business Management & Enterprise courses over the two years.  All senior school students will do a number of Workplace Learning placements and learn the skills needed to gain employment after school. Independent living skills, community access, social capabilities and emotional regulation are a large focus across all year levels to develop active, caring and positive citizens.

To find out more about our learning support programs please contact: 
Mr Joel Reeve
E: Joel.Reeve@education.wa.edu.au
M: 0467 780 889