Science is a multidisciplinary subject, which helps students to become critical thinkers. We encourage our students to use evidence to evaluate the use of science by society with a focus on the application of science in daily life. Furthermore, learners are exposed to a vast array of systematic and carefully controlled experiments that are linked to the theoretical understanding of a specific topic. 

Science is divided into two main areas, namely lower school and upper school:

Lower School Science (Year 7-10) includes the following disciplines: 

•    Earth and Space Science
•    Physical Science
•    Chemical Science 
•    Biological Science

Senior School Science (Year 11-12) includes the following areas:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Integrated Science
  • Human Biology (Including General Human Biology)
  • Physics

The subject areas are catered for each student’s future career pathway such as University, TAFE, VET, etc. This is taught under the three strands of Science below:

  1. Science Understanding (SU): Which focuses on concepts and terminologies associated with a particular topic.
  2. Science Inquiry Skills (SIS): Which emphasises on skills essential for working in a scientific laboratory.
  3. Science as a Human Endeavour (SHE): Which encompasses the use of Science in the application of technology and innovation. 

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